in your successes


A division of the Sonovision Group and a brand in its own right, Ligeron® is a preferred partner providing assistance with design, project management and control.

Unrivalled expertise
in the “risk factor”

Any project, particularly if it is based on new technologies, involves unknowns and, in consequence, potential risks. Ligeron® works with you to identify, prioritize, assess and process these risks. Whether they are technical, industrial or related to project management, our goal is the same: optimize their control and management.

An inclusive commitment

More than 80% of Ligeron® ’s work is carried out within an inclusive package contractual framework. Our performance commitment is part of our company culture and is fulfilled thanks to an organization based on the skills of high-level engineers and academics, with in-depth experience in one or more technologies, nationally- and internationally-recognized expertise in risk control and project management, extensive project experience and very thorough knowledge of systems. The Ligeron® Institute, used as a ‘corporate university’, contributes to the accomplishment of our technical objectives.

Teams with high potential

Our consultants are the preferred contacts with your engineering design departments or project managements. Ligeron® can call upon a network of 200 high-level engineers and academics. Their technological knowledge is applied to the design and operational optimization of complex systems: electronic, mechanical, programmable… We rapidly mobilize the set of complementary skills needed to deal with the identified problems, drawing upon our qualified network and the Sonovision Group subsidiaries.

Real freedom of analysis

Our independence guarantees you objective research and analyses.

Our success depends on the success of your projects.

A brand looking to the future

Ligeron® approaches its activities with a constant push to innovate. Innovation, technology

watch and training have always been at the centre of our concerns.