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A major player in project management and risk management, Ligeron®has developed its expertise in the management of complex industrial projects. Recognized by the largest industrial companies,Ligeron®’s know-how and technical excellence is making its mark in many cutting-edge sectors, including vehicles, aerospace, railways, nuclear power, defence, explosives and the environment. This area of activity demands strict measures to ensure safety and conformity to standards, and constant optimization of lead- times and development budgets. This is the typical context in which in-depth analysis of risks from the design stage is an essential factor in efficient project management.

Sonovision / Ligeron®, a founding member of the Institut de Maîtrise des Risques (IMdR), the French risk management institute.

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On 1 January, the company will be moving to new premises. At L'Aristide, all organisations of the Paris area will come together at the same address: 152/160 Ave ...

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CIGEO (Geological Industrial Storage Centre) is a national project for a centre for the storage of radioactive waste in a deep geological repository. For this ...

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