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The Institut Ligeron®, an approved training body, was established so that our engineers and our customers can enrich their technical knowledge and competencies in parallel with developments in project management and risk management.

Today the Institut Ligeron® is a real hub for exchange and sharing, bringing together company personnel, university and engineering school professors, and Ligeron® consultants. All the stakeholders collaborate to achieve the same goals: develop their business areas and improve their practices.

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Sonovision / Ligeron® founding member of the Institut de Maîtrise des Risques (IMdR), the French risk management institute

A multi-purpose body

  • Give Ligeron®’s employees the know-how, the comportment and the level of expertise that they need in order to accomplish their tasks and achieve their personal and collective objectives
  • Share with our customers the experience and research results applicable to their business area and/or activity sector (transfer of experience)
  • Maintain a preferential and direct link with the research world. E.g. : be capable of determining the processes and tools for optimization of security, productivity and costs.

The Institut Ligeron®
in brief

  • Established in 1999 by Ligeron®
  • More than 3000 persons trained
  • More than 30 different training courses provided
  • Customized training courses for our customers (in our facilities or on the customer’s premises)
  • Agreements with universities and engineering school laboratories
  • Regular contributions to publications, conferences and academic work (e.g. : joint supervision of doctoral students with major research laboratories)
  • R&D projects conducted with high-profile partners